Next Event: Friday 22nd February at Birmingham Symphony Hall

The next event will be on Friday 22nd February 10am-midday

Venue: Birmingham Symphony Hall, Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2EA  (map)

twitter: @thshbirmingham

We will be located at the Cafe Bar on the Level 3 which is on the Ground Floor.

Sponsored by:

yelp logo
On February 22nd, Yelp are proud to sponsor Birmingham Social Media Cafe.
Chat with indie biz champion and Community Manager of Yelp Brum, Rickie J. She’ll buy you a coffee, answer any questions and as a bonus, she often brings cake.
Make sure you download the the mobile app as everyone who ‘checks-in’ to the event will be able to collect their breakfast or a Yelp cake courtesy of Yelp!
At this event, Karen Strunks, leader of BSMC and founder of The 4AM Project will be announcing the winner of the Yelp February photo contest and many of the entrants will be on display. Start uploading those photos now!


Want to support local business, have fun, make lots of new friends and love your city even more? Here’s how to get involved:

Get onto Yelp! It’s free, it’s easy.

RSVP to FREE Yelp events that introduce you to local businesses (Previously held at, Urban Coffee Co, Boston Tea Party, At One Day Spa, Brewsmiths and Hotel la Tour)

Join the Elite Squad for even better, bigger, FREE events

Write reviews. Tell the world your views on local businesses. Where should we go? Where to avoid?!

Subscribe to the Weekly Yelp and find out about great local businesses when it hits your in-box every Wednesday.

Upload photos taken in around local businesses to encourage other yelpers to go there too.

If you’re a business, create your FREE profile and talk to us about events

Would you or your company like to sponsor an event?

Sponsoring the Birmingham Social Media Cafe costs £200.

Your name will be included in our communications for that month (email newsletter, twitter, facebook, blog and sponsorship page) and you will have a short slot at the event to introduce yourself and your organisation. To sponsor an event please email: or tweet @birminghamsmc or @karenstrunks

Have you been before? If you’ve come along before then you’ll know that you’ll find a group of interesting people working in lots of different areas, all using (or looking to use) social media in what they do, whether that’s for promoting, collaborating or creating things online!

Are you new? If you’ve not come along before then you might like to know that it’s a very informal, friendly and chatty gathering – we try to make new folks feel as welcome as possible. Just come along, grab a drink and join the rest of us for a chat. If you don’t know anybody there, just come and say Hi to event organiser Karen Strunks who will introduce you to other attendees.

You can also find the Birmingham Social Media Cafe on Twitter, and Facebook where you can connect with over 500 BSMC members. We also have a NEW flickr group. Please feel free to upload any social media cafe photos and use the tag of bsmc. If you are a twitter user, the hash tag is #bsmc. Spread the word and tell your friends! 🙂

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