Next Event: Friday 30th September at Birmingham Town Hall

The next event will be on Friday 30th September 10am-midday

Venue: Town Hall, Victoria Square, Birmingham B3 3DQ (map)

SPONSORED BY: Talk About Local

“talk about local set up in Birmingham because the city has a remarkable diverse, friendly and above all civic minded local web media. Birmingham Social Media Cafe and the networks around it are really important to the local web scene and talk about local is delighted to help support the cafe this month. ” – Will Perrin

It’s our 3rd Birthday next month! Come along and join the celebrations –

there might even be CAKE! 😉 Update: There WILL be cake courtesy of  BAKE!

Photo by Debbie Chialtas on Flickr

Would you or your company like to sponsor an event? Sponsoring the Birmingham Social Media Cafe simply involves covering the cost of the coffees (approx. £200).

Your name will be included in our communications for that month (email newsletter, twitter, facebook, blog and sponsorship page) and you will have a short slot at the event to introduce yourself and your organisation. To sponsor an event please email: You can find a list of our previous sponsors here.

Have you been before? If you’ve come along before then you’ll know that you’ll find a group of interesting people working in lots of different areas, all using (or looking to use) social media in what they do, whether that’s for promoting, collaborating or creating things online.

Are you new? If you’ve not come along before then you might like to know that it’s a very informal, friendly and chatty gathering – we try to make new folks feel as welcome as possible. Just come along, grab a drink and join the rest of us for a chat. If you don’t know anybody there, just come and say Hi to event organiser Karen Strunks who will introduce you to other attendees 🙂

You can also find the Birmingham Social Media Cafe on Twitter, and Facebook and we have a NEW flickr group. Please feel free to upload any social media cafe photos and use the tag of bsmc. If you are a twitter user, the hash tag is #bsmc. Spread the word and tell your friends! 🙂

Here is a round up of tweets, attendees, photos and video from our August event. Thank you to Fierce Earth for sponsoring the event. Thank you to Venue Birmingham for collating the following attendee list.

View “Birmingham Social Media Cafe August 2011” on Storify



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