A fun-packed November meet!

Just a quick reminder that it’s the Social Media Cafe meet up again this Friday.

We’ve got quite a pretty packed one this month, so if you can make it please do.


Coffees will be provided by Creative Republic and a representative will be popping down to explain what the organisation is all about.


We will also have a quick talk by special guest Marc Silk. Marc is a voiceover artist and has worked on the film Chicken Run and Star Wars Episode 1. He is also the narrator for the new Pingu show on CBeebies and is the voice of Bob the Builder in the US.

Marc is based in the West Midlands, but manages to undertake contracts worldwide from his studios and he will be giving a brief chat on how he has made social media work for his business.

Another very special guest in attendance will be Lloyd Davis, the founder of the original Social Media Cafe in London. Lloyd also works as a social media consultant and runs Perfect Path.

And if that isn’t enough for you, Jason Hall – Head of Innovation at Screen West Midlands and the coordinator of the 4iP fund in the region – will also will be making an appearance.

Phew! It’s going to be a busy one!


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