8 thoughts on “Thanks for coming

  1. Yeah it was a good venue. I literally walked out of the train station from i think platform 8/9 and boom the coffee place was infront of me. A good day, great to see you again after sxsw08.

  2. Thanks Joanna for a really enjoyable day on Friday – It was a great venue and an interesting bunch of people, very much in the spirit of the London SMC.

    See you at the next one

  3. Thanks Jo for setting this up. It was great to make new contacts and network in a relaxed venue. We will definitely be coming to the next event. Friday mornings seem a good time slot too. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. I’m really glad you liked the venue and the atmosphere. I’m hoping Coffee Lounge will be happy to let us have the space next time. With the amount we spent on coffee I think they will be!

  5. Thank you all that organised the cafe meet, it was nice to say hello to a few new faces too.

    I was expecting not a lot less people to turn up, when I walked downstairs I was surprised to see so many.

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